Making healthy restaurant and takeout choices is one of the most important skills for long-term weight-loss success. We’re here to help.
With Food Lovers, you get access to our database of the best fat-burning menu options at the nation’s top restaurant  chains. The examples below are a small sample of what you get when you become a “Food Lover”. You’ll also get tips for spotting and avoiding the foes of fat loss, and simple preparation requests that will turn virtually any dish into a fat-loss meal, so you can continue eating at your favorite restaurants while still losing fat!

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Tips & Best Menu Options
Most Family-Style restaurants offer a good 
range of Proteins. Look for fresh turkey 
breast or a grilled chicken breast. Try 
without any sauce (but placed on the 
to stay away from smoked or processed 
meats and instead, opt for freshly 
prepared choices. If the particular 
Family-Style restaurant you are in only 
offers processed meats, you can order 
egg whites or egg substitutes instead.
Best Menu Option:
Fiesta Lime Chicken® — Ask your 
server to hold the Mexiranch dressing and 
Jackcheddar cheese. This meal comes 
with rice.
For even more tips and menu options 
for this restaurant, see our Eating Out 
™ and Restaurant Guide .